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A time to remember

The annual 9/11 Memorial service was held at Hall's Pond, on Thursday, September 10th, as dusk set upon the piece of steel from the twin towers site. This was a time for the entire community to reflect on the loss of 12 community residents on that day 19 years ago. The weather was inclement all day but then the skies cleared to hold the ceremony, while the community came together with social distancing and wearing masks to keep each other safe.  A somber ceremony started with the presentation of the colors by both the Lakeview and West Hempstead Fire Departments.   Rev. Lorthioir  lead us in prayer, and Krysta Ferrara lead us in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and at the end of the ceremony, she lead us in the singing of God Bless America.  Rosalie Norton welcomed everyone and turned the meeting over to Maureen Greenberg, the new president of the West Hempstead Community Support Association.  Maureen introduced our elected officials, Senator Todd Kaminsky, Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, Nassau County Legislator Vincent Muscarella and Town of Hempstead Councilman Tom Muscarella.  Maureen read the Recitation of the Fallen as the Boy Scouts from Troop 240 presented candles and flowers to remember each of those lost to our community.  We would like to give a special note of thanks to Jason De Jesus, a Scout Leader, for providing the sound system.

Those in our thoughts are:

Scott D. Bart

Bruce "Chappy" D. Boehm

Jason M. Cefalu

Kevin N. Colbert

Jeffrey Dingle

Robert DeAngelis, Jr.

John J. Fanning

Winston A. Grant

Ralph M. Licciardi

Robert T. Linnane

Mark Schwartz

William Steckman

West Hempstead Fire Chief  Michael Vogt and Lakeview Fire Chief James Galia laid the wreath at the memorial.  God Bless America closed the ceremony as the Colors were retired.


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