Response from PSEG in regards to the repaving of Westminster and Hempstead Ave.

Dear Ms. Greenberg:  We wanted to acknowledge your recent inquiry about the PSEG Long Island Western Nassau Transmission Project or WNTP, and more specifically the restoration and paving of Hempstead Avenue, Westminster Road south of Hempstead Turnpike, and Cornwell Avenue.  The WNTP is authorized under the “Article VII” process of the New York State Department of Public Service or DPS, and all activities associated with the project must be reviewed and approved prior to completion, and afterwards through inspection.  Regarding work within West Hempstead, crews have nearly finished all of the major civil work within the community, which tends to be the most complex and impactful work. Heading north to south, trenching and restoration has been completed from First Street on Westminster Road south to Hempstead Avenue, and south to Eagle Avenue near the CVS. Crews are now engaged in cable pulling and splicing, which is generally done during the daytime hours, and is limited to activities near the splice vault manholes which have been installed. No excavation is necessary with this work, or detours for example. Cable pulling includes using large spools and equipment to pull the cables through the manholes into the newly-installed conduits underground, from one vault to the next. Splicing entails workers, using a climate-controlled trailer, to work below ground to connect the cables. This work is continuous but non-intrusive for about six days. The exception to the trenching work is at the Pine Stream crossing at the McDonald’s on Hempstead Avenue between Eagle Avenue and Nassau Boulevard. Once complete, the trenching will be connected throughout all of West Hempstead. Work is anticipated to be complete within the next three to four weeks.  We understand your concerns about the overall restoration of the roads in West Hempstead as a part of the project. As prescribed in the “Environmental Management and Construction Plan,” or “EM&CP” granted by the state for the project, the restoration work occurs as follows: First, as crews finished placing the conduits into the street, they added a cementitious backfill to avoid settling of the road in the future, and done specifically by the WNTP to maintain the roads for the long term; Second, a dense binder was added to fill the trench to the level of the street; Third, the trench area, plus two feet on each side, will be milled and paved with a top coat to provide a smooth finish pavement.  The paving and restoration described above was reviewed and approved by Nassau County and the DPS. In addition, coordination with the Nassau County Department of Public Works occurred during the permitting process, and continues today, in order to verify that WNTP work does not interfere with the County’s long-term road restoration plans. As happenstance, all three of the roads of concern are to be addressed by Nassau County in the near future. For information about timing of these, please contact John O’Dougherty at Nassau County’s Building Inspection Division by calling 516-571-6814, or via email  Thank you again for your concerns. For additional information about the WNTP, please visit our website where you can find up-to-date information about the current construction schedule, as well as information about the permitting process through the DPS. To address individual concerns about work time frames or other issues, we can be reached directly via email at, or our hotline (voice or text) at 516-780-0665

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